Stihl Strimmer

Here is a selection of the Stihl strimmers we have in stock and also that can be ordered to suit your needs.

Stihl Strimmer

FS 38

Stihl - FS 38

Lightest brush cutter in the STIHL range. Ideal for trimming grass edges. Multifunction handle, round handle, 2-MIX engine.

FS 40

Stihl - FS 40

With simplified starting system, for mowing smaller areas of grass. Multifunction handle, round handle, 2-MIX engine.

FS 50

Stihl - FS 50

With simplified starting system. Multi-function handle, round handle, tool-free handle adjustment, 2-MIX engine.

FS 50 C-E

Stihl - FS 50 C-E

New generation light ergonomic brushcutter with STIHL ErgoStart for easy jerk free starting. Ideal for tackling grassy areas around the garden or at the allotment. Modern appearance, convenient operation and very simple starting procedure are the highlights of the new generation STIHL grass trimmer range. The number of steps needed to start the machine has been drastically reduced. The frustration of a flooded engine is virtually eliminated. New 2-stroke engine with stratified charge allows fast acceleration, low emissions, reduced fuel consumption. With bent shaft, loop handle and AutoCut mowing head ideally for trimming small areas of grass and around obstacles. Ideal for edging as well as for small areas of grass. The loop handle can easily be adjusted for comfortable operation without the use of tools. Also available without STIHL ErgoStart easy-start system (FS 50).

FS 55 R

Stihl - FS 55 R

Low weight compact brushcutter, with loop handle for difficult terrain and confined conditions. Functional modern design with excellent balance. Comes standard with AutoCut line head.

FS 55

Stihl - FS 55

Low weight, compact brushcutter with fully adjustable bike handle for larger mowing tasks. Practical control handle with integral throttle trigger and slide control run/stop selector.

FS 55 C-E

Stihl - FS 55 C-E

Low weight compact brushcutter, with fully adjustable bike handle. ErgoStart feature (E) reduces the power and speed needed when starting the engine. Practical control handle with integral throttle trigger and slide control run/stop selector. Comes standard with two cutting heads; metal blade and AutoCut line head.

FS 94 C-E

Stihl - FS 94 C-E

Lightest brushcutter in this segment. STIHL 1-point anti-vibration system, ErgoStart, bike handle, control handle with ECOSPEED partially loaded function, STIHL 2-MIX engine, straight shaft and double shoulder harness.

FS 260 C-E

Stihl - FS 260 C-E

For tough, largescale mowing work. STIHL 1-point anti-vibration system, STIHL ErgoStart, multifunction handle, bikehandle, tool-free handle adjustment, 2-MIX engine, ADVANCE universal harness.

FS 380

Stihl - FS 380

Robust and powerful clearing saw for mowing work in matted grass and scrub. 4-point anti-vibration system, multi-function handle, bike handle.